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Congratulations to Sadhana’s Yoga College Class of 2017

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Enjoy meeting the graduates of Sadhana’s Yoga College Class of 2017! These new yoga teachers immersed themselves into self-inquiry, radical positivity, transformation, and yoga for 10 months. From strangers, a tightly knit family composed of inspirational yogis developed!

Sadhana’s Yoga College Class of 2017

  • gage roman
  • giuliana trapani yoga training
  • Jenna Clausen Yoga Training Graduate
  • Jordan Siegel
  • Joyce Stern Yoga Teacher
  • michael allora jr yoga graduate
  • nicole lavender yoga training
  • Rachel Walentowicz yoga training

Premiered during Sadhana’s Yoga College’s Graduation for the Class of 2017, enjoy the graduation video for each of the 8 graduates! Each class member is unique, inspirational, and POWERFUL in his/her way. Whether you’re 18 or 81, a newer practitioner or a lifelong yogi, an aspiring teacher or just someone interested in learning more about yoga – we hope these videos inspire you to pursue a transformative 200hr yoga training program like Sadhana’s Yoga College!


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Established in 2013, Sadhana is a vibrant community of unbridled ecstatic humanity, wide toothy grins during sunny days and strong supporting shoulders for the rainy, knowledge passed on through inspiration, and friends walking with you along our paths towards happiness, health, and greatness. We like to think our happy and healthy demeanors are virally contagious :-D

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