Sweet Dreams!

A True Story by a Sadhana Student about using Sadhana Ayurveda’s/Larisa’s Garden Relax Tea to relax a bit too much: “This past weekend my sister-in-law from Rhode Island visited. My night time ritual is to drink a cup of tea after a long day to unwind. I asked her if she would like a cup of Organic Relax Tea, home grown by Larisa from my yoga studio. She accepted. As the tea brewed we conversed about driving my daughter at 5:30am, the next morning, to her job at the bagel store. My sister-in-law enthusiastically offered to drive…


Our Varenye, a traditional Russian-style strawberry preserve, is a homemade family-favorite passed down for generations in Larisa’s family. From our family to yours, jarred and shared for the enjoyment of you and your family.

Enjoy this organic, local, and hand-harvested snack to sweeten herbal teas or smoothies, our over pancakes or waffles, mix with carbonated water for homemade soda, or whatever your creativity comes up with (be sure to let us know whatever creative concoctions you come up with)!

The Zen of Eating (Mindful Eating)

Mindful eating is eating with full awareness on your food. By doing so your body & mind are able to optimally process your meals. Benefits include enjoying meals more, being naturally compelled to eat better/higher quality/healthier foods, having the ability to discover what types of foods have what kinds of effects in your body, and enjoying a lifestyle which naturally promotes your body’s natural/optimal weight.

Help Support the Montville Animal Shelter

Karma Yoga is the yoga of performing selfless, virtuous, and charitable action. Throughout the month of May, we invite you to join our Karma Yoga by supporting the Montville Animal Shelter. All month we’ll be accepting any donations and will host a donation-based All-Levels Yoga class taught by Ali on May 31 at 3pm – 100% of all donations go directly to the Montville Animal Shelter.

Friends with the Dandelion

Spring is Kapha time – April showers and May flowers bring damp, heavy, mucus-pervading congestion and dullness. Among Ayurveda’s timeless remedies for this Kapha condition is exercise and eating bitter tasting foods. A great way to implement both remedies is to forage dandelions and make homemade foods containing this fresh and delicious bitter green…

A Big Thank YOU from the Sadhana Team

Birthdays are a time for reflection and resolution. All of us at Sadhana are tremendously appreciative for all the elements you bring to the studio (to name only a few: laughs, hard work, a fiery desire to learn and grow, commitment, and friendship). Each of us has taken a moment to share our thanks for the presents you have unknowingly given us in our first year. We want to let you know that you’ve given us more than you can imagine and we’ve savored all of it…