A King Visits Sadhana

Recently we were honored to host Trichen Lhagyari, the King of Tibet, for an impromptu conversation at Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda Studio in Montville, NJ. Trichen, a student at Gettysburg College, was spending his Spring Break giving speeches at schools, paying visits to various community groups, and meeting with various spiritual communities. Our casual conversations ranged from Trichen’s acknowledgement and respect of Swami Rama (the great yogi who provided the impetus for Sadhana Yoga’s existence)…

Popping the Bubbles of Anger

Using Meditation to Stop Anger and to Start Smiling by Paul Litvin
There have been many times I found myself bobbing precariously in deep waters as a result of my anger.

Then I learned to meditate and my life changed. Dealing with anger through meditation is fun, practical, and quite simple. Let me explain…

Walking “Meditation”

As meditation becomes more and more popular and as we get busier and busier, we try to find a way to fit meditation into our busy schedule. One of the ways we do so is walking mediation. How does it work? Let’s assume that some person, let’s name him Jack, goes to the park early in the morning just before sunrise on a beautiful summer day for his walking meditation. Jack walks and slows his mind enough that he is walking without thoughts. Jack’s body is walking and his mind is controlling his walking, so Jack’s body and mind are solely aware of his walking…

Healing and Meditation

Healing as Spirituality by Paul Litvin
For almost a year I have been teaching meditation classes at Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda. I’ve been very fortunate to make great friends who made our classes interesting, fun, and full of great energy and love. At some moment during the past year, I realized that there are obstacles inhibiting the progression of our meditation experience – notably restrictions in the energy flow of the meditators…

Restorative Yoga: The Do-Nothing Fix

In restorative yoga, props and guided relaxation techniques are utilized to allow practitioners to drift into a state between waking and dreaming where the body is relaxed and the mind is unburdened by thoughts. Classes are intelligently structured with a short period of gentle movements leading way to several long-held comfortably-supported postures linked and lead by guided relaxations…

Yoga Appreciation Week

Free Classes for EVERYONE – October 14 to October 20. September 14, 2013 marked Sadhana Yoga and Ayurveda’s 6-month anniversary. In this past half year, we’ve had the incredible experience of sharing yoga, practicing, chatting, and being introduced to all of you bright radiant wonderful beings. To mark our extremely happy half-birthday and to honor the yoga practice which has brought us together, we’re throwing a week-long party from October 14 to October 20 and EVERYBODY is invited!

Prayers of the Tradition

“Dear God, you are inside of me, within my very breath, within each bird, each mighty mountain. Your sweet touch reaches everything and I am well protected.
Thank you God for this beautiful day before me. May joy, love, peace and compassion be part of my life and all those around me on this day. I am healing and I am healed.”