Explore the Art of Balance in January

Welcome to 2016!  We hope you had a wonderful 2015, and are excited to spend the new year with you!

This month we celebrate the art of balance with you.  From achieving difficult balancing yoga asana such as bird of paradise (svarga dvijasana) or crow pose (bakasana) to cultivating a sense of easy balance in your day-to-day living and diet, we will be your shoulder to lean on when you feel like you’re slipping!

Celebrate the Magic of the Moment in December

December is a magical time. The ethereal feeling of awe, the innate desire to give, and the spirit of the holidays – can you feel it? We can easily get caught up with the craziness and obligations of the season, often overlooking the wonder that’s tangible this time of year. This December we invite you to cultivate stillness, to enjoy this most excellent season, and to find the Magic in the Moment.

November Gratitude Yoga Challenge

As October’s metamorphosis wanes, we begin to cultivate the reflective quality that comes with the end of the year. In November, appreciating our blessings and being grateful for our unique life experience allows us to brace the colder weather, craziness that the holidays bring, and embrace the upcoming new season and new year. Throughout the month Sadhana explores this concept through healthy yoga and Ayurveda challenges, gratitude-oriented dharma talks, and yoga classes to remind you about YOUR divinity.

September is the month of Sadhana

Sadhana is one’s personal spiritual path and one’s spiritual practice. This month we explore YOUR sadhana. What is your path, where is it leading, and how does it differ from the path of others? What are the criteria for transformational practice and why? What pitfalls and successes does one often encounter while traversing his/her sadhana?

Introducing Living Yoga

Starting September 3, come to Sadhana every Thursday at 7:30pm for Living Yoga! Living Yoga is an interactive discussion and exploration of philosophy, inspiration, and lifestyle inspired by the ancient spiritual sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda. Every week’s theme is a different topic pertaining to Sadhana’s monthly theme. As you’re ever evolving, Living Yoga is ever changing to aid in your perpetual expansion!